Wednesday 8 May 2013

Investigations Continue

Stuart popped over this evening and helped me remove my poorly engine from my bike.

The temptation to remove the sump and have quick look proved to much, so off it came.

Fearing the worst we removed it and I expected to put a call into Steptoe & Son to come and remove the scrap.

But nothing. Well I say nothing, the oil strainer in the engine was clogged with sealant which had obviously been squashed into the engine when I rebuilt it.

Typically it didn't go on the outside of the engine where I could just've wiped it off.

So the theory now is I basically starved the engine of oil, but when I dig deeper I will be able to confirm that.

On a more positive note, I received confirmation of my entry to Cork, so have been busy booking ferries and will look for some accommodation in the next couple of days.

All being well I'm off on Saturday to pick up another spare engine, so we will see if that one runs so I have a spare to take with me to Cork.

Saying that I've got loads of time so should be able to rebuild my poorly one, yeah right, but then again who needs sleep?

It always amazed me the stories of race teams working until the early hours building engines before races, now I know how this happens.

Pass the Pro Plus



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