Tuesday 7 May 2013

Cookstown Pictures

Hi all

When my bike broke down on Saturday I met a guy who had taken some pictures of me at Cookstown and he very kindly mailed them to me, thanks Jimmy.

He has also taken some at Tandragee but he has to sort them out but will send them over when he can and I will post them up as soon as I can.

I'd said that yesterday was going to be a quiet tidy up day as I have loads of stuff to sort out.

It didn't go quite to plan and I ended up taking various cases off my 400 engine to see if I could locate the problem.

At one point we came to the conclusion that it maybe the water pump, but sadly that seems ok.

This means the most likely culprit is the crank.

This will be easier to sort once the engine is out, so the plan is to take the engine out and put my spare in for Cork and hope I can get the blown one fixed to take as a spare.

I've got 6 weeks until Cork, seems like a long time now but am sure it will fly by.


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