Friday 10 May 2013

Competition Time

Tell me what is wrong with this picture and there's a prize for the right answer.

On a totally unrelated note, honest, I tried my hand at welding and milling whilst at Tandragee, what do you think? 


  1. Did the valve head snap because of oil starvation or just one of those "racing incidents"? Prize claimed .

  2. The piston looks like a keeper. It'll make a nice mantelpiece ornament.

    1. Congratulations to Stafford for winning a cup of tea, or coffee, and some shortbread at Black Dub HQ for him and a guest.

      Well the rest of the cams and valve seats etc seem to be ok and plenty of oil around all the lobes, so hoping it's just a racing incident?

      At this rate I will have to get a bigger mantlepiece for all my 'ex' pistons.

  3. Another one for the black museum...

    I have a very bent con rod hanging up in my garage courtesy of Mallory Park back in the dark ages.

    What news of your latest acquisition?

  4. Great prize, Liz is well chuffed quote "Ooo I like shortbread"