Sunday 19 May 2013

Hi all

Well its been a busy weekend in the garage.

I've found out that the valve guide had broken up, hence the bits on the top of my piston.

On advice of John I removed the other valves in the same piston and this turned out to be good advice as the other inlet valve was sticking coming out, so possibly bent.

I've also dropped my 'Weymouth' engine, as it's now know, from the frame and have given this a good clean, which it was very much in need of. It's not brilliant but at least can touch it without the need of gloves.

I've also made some radiator guards to help stop stones putting holes in the radiator, couln't believe how many stones I was picking up at Cookstown, so should help cut down on excess weight as well.

I've stripped the calipers I was having so much trouble bleeding, and found all sorts of nastiness in there, so hopefully they will bleed up ok.

I also did a couple of odd jobs on the 600 and as far as I can tell this is ready for my next race, so will leave well alone.

Doesn't sound much when written out like this, but it's been a full weekends work as it all takes time.

I've got a shopping list as long as my arm for bits, so buy shares in Kawasaski tonight as their profits will soar tomorrow. 

If I can get the valve guide fitted, something I don't have the tools to do, then hopefully I will get my race engine rebuilt in time for Cork which is rapidly approaching.

I can't find an on board lap of Cork, so it will be a few laps round in the van before the race, this also means I can't post one up for you to see what I'll be up to, sorry.

Speak soon


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