Saturday 25 May 2013


Well it's been another busy week here at Fort Hectic.

I took my engine away yesterday and was told it would be at least a week before it's done.

Still plenty to do in the mean time.

I put my new calipers on the other day and still having trouble bleeding them. Before I fitted them I replaced all the seals and gave them a really good clean and hoped this would make it easier. But after a couple of evenings playing with them they still feel spongy. So one last try with another bleed system and if that doesn't work, then its back to my standard ones.

A big box of goodies arrived from Kawasaki the other day, did you remember to buy shares?

So when I get time I can start fitting the bits.

I had fun and games getting the conrod shells as they don't just print a number on them, it's all to do with the marks on the crank and the conrod. Depending if there is, or isn't a mark on either dictates which size you need. Still sussed the code in the end and now have some standard shells to fit.

Once fitted I can then check with plastigauage as to whether I need a different shell, depending on the gap.

I hope to do this and have the bottom end sorted by the time the head comes back as this will need to be fitted, re timed and shims checked.

3 weeks until Cork you say? Oh well who needs sleep.

Still on a positive note my van has passed it's MOT and the regs for Mid Antrim have been issued, which are already completed and on their way.

Hopefully the next time I write the bottom end will be waiting the head.

Best I crack on.


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