Sunday 12 May 2013

Hi all

Well it's been another busy weekend in the garage. Yesterday Steve and myself popped down to pick up my 'new' engine and by 7.30pm we had it in my race frame.

Naturally I couldn't leave it alone so spent the rest of the evening connecting it all up.

This morning I put fresh oil in her, filled the radiator, fresh spark plugs and she burst into life first prod of the starter, result.

The guy I bought it from said he was told it was a runner when he bought it but never tried started it himself. Not sure how long it'd been stood but looked a while so am very pleased she went ok.

It needs a few bits doing, including fitting a helicoil as the thread has stripped on one of the water pipe connectors. Luckily Stafford, within seconds of hearing of my plight, volunteered to come and sort it for me. What a top man.

I'm now going to remove this one from the bike and put my spare 'race' engine in for Cork.

It will also give me a chance to give it a good clean as has years of road muck on it. 

Yesterday I also got around to cleaning the van up and think I brought most of Tandragee back with me, so will post that back at some stage. Van is faster too without all the weight in there.

Steve also told me that there are some photo's of me on their way from Tandragee as the lady we stayed with had some friends take some pictures from her garden during the racing.

So hopefully I'll get to post these up soon too.

Until next time



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