Wednesday 20 August 2014

Wednesday Practice

Today we spent the day replacing the clutch with the one from the SS which was our run around. Stafford also put a generator from a road bike to help charge the battery as a race version didn't seem to be man enough for the job.
A short test ride showed the clutch to be working properly so it was off to the paddock.
I actually felt nervous today as felt we would be able to get a couple if laps in.
I had a good start and although not as fast as I'd like, but I felt happy I knew where I was going and speed would come.
Sadly shortly after Ballacrye,18 miles out, Emily went onto one cylinder, and then none. So I spent the practice watching,but at least further out than the last couple of nights,so progress has been made.
The van arrived to give me a lift home but bike started so rode back to see if problem raised it's head again,sadly no.
So tomorrow we will see if there is a loose connection somewhere.
There is no practice for F1 tomorrow so hope to help out marshalling.
Friday is out next practice so fingers crossed for a lap or two then.
Cheers Stuart

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