Wednesday 27 August 2014

Tuesday Race Day

Awoke Tuesday to a beautiful day,so racing went ahead as planned.
We weren't out until nearly 3 pm so a lazy start to the day,which gave the nerves plenty of time to kick in.
Before I knew it,it was time to get into my leathers & head out to the start line.
Felt really strange walking the bike down to start line after a 14 year gap and lots of thoughts of what happened on that occasion.
Still no time to dwell as I get the tap on the shoulder and I'm off down Bray Hill.
You have to attack from the off otherwise you'd over think it.
Down to Quarter Bridge & Braddan Bridge then just sit back & enjoy.
And enjoy I did as the bike went perfectly,which after all the hard work over the practice week was so good.
As I'd only done 5 laps in practice I just took it as a 3 lap practice session.
Within the first few miles I caught sight of the guy that had started 10 seconds ahead of me,so had to catch him. This I did as we came out if Glen Helen and then overtook him on the next straight.
The bike was a lot heavier than I'm used to riding so had to adapt my style,but by the time I came in for my pit stop at the end of lap two I was glad of a rest and a drink.
My pit stop went like clockwork and was out before I knew it.
The third lap felt really good and wanted to do a fourth as I was feeling more and more confident,this was shown in my lap time which was my fastest of the race with an average of just over 97mph.
I was nearly in tears as I crossed the line as I felt I'd finally ut the ghost of 14 years ago behind me.
Naturally it was smiles all round when I got back to the pits.
Later that evening I attended the presentation evening and received my finishers plaque from John McGuinness,which was such a great feeling.
I hope over the next week to sort through the pictures and post them up,sorry there hasn't been any but has been quite hectic.
Not much of a rest as off to Killalane in just over a week.
Before I go I'd just like to thank all those that helped out,but especially to Stafford and Liz for the bike and Steve for all his help over here.
So until next time,take it easy
Cheers Stuart
PS Plans are already being drawn up for next year,all being well.


  1. Well done mate. Really proud of you.

  2. Fantastic achievement. Well Done Stuart and the team.