Friday 22 August 2014

Friday Practice

Hi all
Practice went well this evening as we finally managed two laps,first with an average of 91 & second of 86mph,both of which I'm happy with.
Second was slower as bike cut out just after Kirk Michael. I pulled into garage,went to turn off main switch & found it already off.
Switched it back on & she burst into life,so off I went. Turns out the dash moving coupled with turning bars meant switch was knocked,cutting power.
Was so happy to have completed two laps and was met with a very happy Stafford,Liz and Steve when I got back to pits.
Upon our return to base we had a look over the bike and found nothing wrong,we also shortened the switch so it doesn't catch anymore.
Tomorrow is an early start for some more practice,so fingers crossed for that.
Will let you know how we get on,all being well.
Cheers Stuart

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  1. Chuffed for you all, well done mate... fingers crossed for tomorrow!!!