Saturday 16 August 2014

Classic TT Day One

Hi everyone,
Having arrived safe on The Island on Thursday,it was off for exciting paperwork type stuff yesterday.
With all my leathers etc checked,briefings attended and a huge amount of waiting in ques, I'm ok to practice.
Still waiting in ques did mean I caught up with some mates,so not all bad.
Each rider has also been given some energy drinks,a big change from how it was last time I raced here.
After paperwork completed I went for a lap in the van, just to see if makers which I've used in the past were still there. Some have changed so a worthwhile trip.
Main thing of the day was seeing the bike all together,and boy does she look mint,and can't wait to ride her.
As I write this,weather permitting I will in first practice this evening,just a few hours away.
All being well I will update you with that tomorrow.
Speak soon
Cheers Stuart

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck Stuart. Hoping you don't get caught in queues out on the circuit.