Monday 18 August 2014

Monday Practice

Bike once again passed scruitineering with flying colours and a 'nice bike' comment from scruitineer.
After a long wait I was finally at the beginning of the queue and was given the tap to go,so set off down Bray Hill.
It felt very strange to be back,and to know I could use both sides of the road.
After getting my head around this I settled into it and overtook a guy down Bray Hill.
Coming out of Quarter Bridge I noticed the clutch slipping.
Thought I would nurse her round for one lap but by Union Mills realised this wouldn't happen so pulled in.
I phoned Stafford and gave him the bad news,had really hoped all was going to be well after the time and effort he'd put into building the bike.
Luckily a very kind gent gave me a lift back to the paddock.
So tomorrow we will have a look at the bike and sort it for tomorrow evening.
Until then.
Cheers Stuart

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