Saturday 23 August 2014

Saturday Practice

Hi all
No holiday lay in for me today as up early and off to practice,to make the situation worse I was woken by hail on the window.
Initially we had an hour & a half,but due to weather this was cut before we started,shame as we could've done 3 or 4 laps.
Some parts of the course were still wet but did start to dry.
Start of the second lap & heavens opened,so was a very ginger ride round these parts,hoping somewhere would be dry.
Luckily it wasn't long before I got to the dry section.
It was on lap two that the rev counter needle started doing its own thing until it just dropped off,which made me laugh.
Still rest of the bike was superb, and a pleasure to ride.
Laps were getting there,with another 91 average,which was good considering the conditions.
We then managed to get another practice lap this afternoon and felt like I was attacking corners better. Rather than braking & dropping a couple of gears I would just go down one and drive through them.
Sadly the lap ended with confusion over flag signals so slowed right down,still I managed a 93 average,again moving in the right direction.
Tomorrow is a day of checking bike,including repairing the rev counter and seeing if I have a race on Monday.
I will keep you updated,so until then.
Cheers Stuart

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