Tuesday 5 March 2013


Well last night Stuart, official photographer and supplier of 'bits', came over to help me put my newly rebuilt engine into the frame.

It took literally 10 minutes to do this, as having a second person to help guide the engine whilst it was being lifted, made the job so much easier than trying to do it on my own.

With the engine in we then set about attaching all the other bits, exhaust, carbs, pipes, electrics etc.

By 8:20 we had got the bike to the point where all it needs now is oil and water and she should then be ready to fire up, so fingers crossed for that.

This left us  enough time to get cleaned up, make a brew and then watch TT legends, so a great evening.

Many thanks to Stuart for doing this as I'm sure I would've still been out there now trying to get the engine in.

On the subject of thanks, my thanks goes to my mate John who has drawn up a logo for me. He drew it up a while ago but it needed making bigger, as with all logo's, so that I can get some graphics made up for my van.

I wouldn't even know where to find photoshop, let alone use it, so luckily he came to the rescue and produced a logo which some of you have seen on my business card.

Now its of a size that it can be used on my van and also team Tshirts, available at a very reasonable price at the concessions stand. So even if all else fails I'll look the part.

Most of you will recognise this as being based on the TT sign for 9th Milestone, Black Dub, which clearly shows it as a left/right, maybe I should've had them printed up in 2000?



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