Friday 29 March 2013

Christmas Comes Early To Black Dub Racing

Hi all

Well I've kept the post office busy this week, and yesterday it all turned up.

Firstly two sets of tyre warmers, followed by my refurbished shock and then my caliper spacers.

The first two are self explanatory but the caliper spacers were something I saw on ZXR owners club forum.

They allow you to fit brake calipers from a GSXR onto the 400. This will give better, feel more bite and are also lighter.

So now I have the spacers I'm after a set of new calipers.

These won't be fitted before the track day, mainly as all the presents I've listed above I bought for myself, so the calipers will have to wait a bit.

So off to the garage now to fit my freshly serviced shock back in.

Speak soon


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