Wednesday 20 March 2013


Got home today to see my entry has been accepted for this years Southern 100 meeting, which is great news.

Some of you may know that it's called 'The Friendly Races'. Well it most certainly is that.

It's the only race meeting I know where the riders get free tea and coffee, now you can see why Guy Martin raves about it.

The only downside is that there is no PA in the paddock and everything runs to set times. Except if they change the times for any reasons, weather, incidents etc.

This led on one occasion to my pit crew at the time, Steve having to come and find me, shall we say mid pre race ritual? Why do nerves effect your bladder so?Anyway I just got to the bike and the paddock controller told race control that I was just on my way to the holding area, when in fact I hadn't even got my crash helmet on.

'Don't worry, they'll wait for you' he told me. Luckily they did but it was still the quickest warm up lap I've ever done.

I've also decided that as Kells has been cancelled I'm now going to do Cork on 16th June, so my entry will be in the post this week for that one.

Speak soon



  1. Just to explain about the 'Mighty Whiteboard'.

    I have a white board set up to show all relevant times so, in theory, I shouldn't miss races etc. Touch wood it seems to work.

    Obviously I need a clock to keep track of where I am and last year both Stafford and I shut the clock in the door at various points.

    Luckily the clock is still in enough bits it works, just doesn't look too pretty.

  2. Looking for to this a lot Stuart!

    1. Hi Jim

      Be good to see you and get to meet my brolly dolly.