Friday 15 March 2013

Back On Track

Well after the set back earlier in the week things have progressed nicely.

I traced the starting problem to a bad earth, once fixed she turns over no problems.

The newly cleaned carbs seem to work fine with no leaks, they just need balancing now.

Bike starts fine, ticks over nicely and sounds sweet, just like she always does.

Now the shock is going for a service I spent last evening stripping, cleaning and regreasing the shock linkage. This was another of those jobs that I've always put off, but as the shock was out seemed rude not to.

Have to say all the bearings are still good and are smooth as silk now they've been cleaned up, so those Irish roads should feel billard table smooth now.

I hope over the weekend to balance the carbs and also stick a road shock in the bike just so she is not hanging form the roof joists.

With a shock in there I can also take her for a run to make sure gear box is ok after the rebuild.

This will of course be done on a closed road with a professional rider.

With Kells being cancelled I am now considering racing at Cork 15th & 16th June. I say considering, I've just printed the entry form out so its pretty much definite.

Talking of Irish clubs, I'd like to thank Norman at Cookstown club for his help with booking my accommodation for both Cookstown and Tandragee. By doing this for me saved a huge headache, so thank you and look forward to seeing you soon.


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