Sunday 3 March 2013

Hi all

Well I've finished rebuilding my engine and so fingers crossed it will be fitted into the bike this week.

I've already taken out the other engine that's in there so just a case of 'simply slotting the other one in'. Only a 5 minute job I'm sure.

Then it will be a case of getting it up and running.

To whet your appetites here is an on board video of Cookstown.

This is not me, but practice on an R6, so my ZX6R should be similar. I might not be, but my bike should be.

Top speed on my 600 should be 160 - 170mph, about 270kmh for everyone at (ciao a tutti) Obviously this is dependant on gearing and length of straight. Still when its this close to brick walls it will still feel fast.  



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