Saturday 6 April 2013

Hi all

Well it's less than a week to go until my track day, so I hope this good weather continues for Friday.

Today my master carpenter, Dad, came over to help put some shelves in the van.

Stuart also turned up, saw what we were up to and shot off, to return with some wood, which came in handy and also some ali angle iron and some Dexion.

What a great combination. So now my genny has its very own cradle to sit in. This is great as it won't move about and also takes up less floor space.

Dad put in a shelf which holds all my spare wheels in place, which is a great help.

Most of the stuff you need to take racing is difficult to pack so to have my own van which I can kit out to hold stuff makes life so much better than hiring a van as I used to do.

I've also been starting up the 400 when I can and letting her warm nicely so that Friday isn't too much of a shock for her.

She seems to run ok but is reluctant to tick over, so I'm hoping its just the carbs need a 'spirited' ride to clear them. I will take a spare set on Friday in case this doesn't clear them.

I must say after spending months rebuilding the bike it feels odd to know that I'm actually going to ride them this week. Shortly followed two weeks later by racing them. I'm sure it was only a couple of weeks ago that I raced at Killalane, time does fly when you are in a garage.

I realised the other day that I will now be racing every month now until October, all being well.

And do you know what? I can't wait.

Speak soon





  1. Hope the weather holds, or are those showers on the horizon?
    Just need to stick on my exclusive "Black Dub Racing" stickers, any advice on position?

  2. Well as it maybe raining I guess the best place to stick them would be in the garage, or conservatory?

    Hope this helps

  3. Well the 400 seems to have passed muster as Liz can testify, she's seen Stu's rear end far to often today.