Monday 25 September 2017

Cadwell Park 16th & 17th September

Hi all

Well it was back to Cadwell Park for my last visit of the year, so hoped to end on a high.

Sadly I woke up on Friday to monsoon type conditions.

I managed a couple of practice sessions, but it was more a case of survival than getting any valuable track time.

The only outcome was I manged to not come off, which is more than a lot could say at the end of the day.

I'd hoped that the clouds had rained themselves out so that Saturday would be better, but no such luck and Saturday was just as wet. I still went out for qualifying, but didn't even complete a lap as it was so wet.

I felt my decision was justified as my first race was just as wet, which I'd decided to sit out due to the conditions, and was just no fun.

The trouble was that the circuit would just start to get dry and then it would tip it down again.

The second race was due to start just after another down pour, so didn't go out, which was a shame as by the time the race got under way it had started to dry out a bit.

I checked with the race office that I would still be able to race Sunday as long as I qualified in the morning, which was confirmed.

Sunday started wet again, so I just wobbled around for the session, but at least I could race.

The day got better as it went on and by my first race, dry tyres were back on so I lined up at the back of the grid, as I expected after my qualifying session.

The race went well, but couldn't make up any places as everyone just got further and further away from me. I wasn't surprised that I'd only manged a best time of 5 seconds slower that I've been round before.

The second race didn't go any different, so was frustrated that I didn't get anywhere near my fastest time around there.

After getting home I think I may have found the problem.

I was under the impression that I was running 14/46 gearing, however I actually had a 45 on the rear.

I checked my records and have noted down that I did my fastest time on a 45, but in my mind am convinced that I had a 46 on the rear, which means I may have written down the wrong number, as on both my visits since I went fastest, I've used a 45 and not gone any quicker.

This coupled with my lack of practice due to the weather may have been the answer, or so I hope.

Oh well I can't do anything about it now until next year now, which is a shame.

Still hopefully I will be able to make up for it at my last meeting of the season at Thruxton on 7th October.

At least this year I will be turning up with straight forks, which is more than I had last year, so that should help.

Fingers crossed it doesn't rain for that one.

Hopefully see a few of you there.