Tuesday 15 December 2015



Well spent some of last week tinkering with my SV and the first job was to straighten the steering, which on the face of it appeared that the forks had twisted in the yokes.

Having loosened everything off I tried lining the front wheel up with the bike. Sadly this didn't work so decided to drop the forks.

You don't need to be a suspension expert to see why the steering wouldn't line up, yep forks are bent.

So next job will be to strip and repair.

Sadly I didn't get to try and fit the fairing as without the front wheel in would be difficult.

Still I did drop the engine and removed the barrels so that I can replace the piston rings. Whilst the barrels were off I cleaned the pistons up ready for the rebuild on my next visit.

So until next time take care and speak soon


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