Wednesday 26 March 2014

Supertwin Update

Hi all

Well another weekend working on my SV in readiness for Cookstown, which is rapidly approaching.

I'm having the wheels repainted so had to borrow some tools from the nice people at TAS Suzuki, was handy buying a Suzuki and having such a big race team just down the road.

I also tried to sort my quick shifter out as I prefer road pattern gear shift, as opposed to race shift which it is currently set up for.

I phoned HM Quickshifters for some advice and they said to return it to them so they could service it.

That was Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning they called to say they had sorted the problem and checked it all over, they then posted it back to me. So in less than 24 hours from sending it, the unit was back in the post all sorted. So many thanks to them for such a quick turn around.

My van is also back in Northern Ireland and bike is now just waiting the fairings to be painted and then we'll be ready, fingers crossed.

I hope to have a big update for you in the next few days, so stay in touch.

Until then, ride safe.


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