Tuesday 8 September 2015

Quick Killalane Update

Hi all
As some of you already know, Killalane didn't quite go to plan and I ended the season in the back of an ambulance.
Luckily it was all precautionary and the worst of it being my balance has been effected due to a bash on the head.
Am a bit sore, but otherwise fine.
Thanks to all of you who have sent well wishes and as soon as I'm back home will give you a full update, including pictures of what remains of my Supertwin, which I've not really looked at yet but fear may cause a relapse in my condition.
Speak soon
Cheers Stuart


  1. Still one of your favorite circuits?

  2. Oh yes. Really annoying though as felt really strong through that section this year, is a cracking set of corners, as long as you stay out of the ditch.