Wednesday 11 March 2015

....And So It Goes On

Greetings from the garage.

Yes I'm still busy working away in the garage, I have to be as my mate told me the other day I have about 5 weeks until Cookstown, just wish my 'to do lists' realised this.

My latest job has been fitting my ram air box to the 400. My Dad very kindly came to assist, naturally he asked if it was going to be a difficult job. On the face of it no, but expierence has told me never say it will be a 5 minute job, as they never turn out that way.

All I can say is thank goodness for Dremels.

Because there are so many variants of the ZXR the fitting instructions said it would need to be cut to fit. It hasn't been too much trouble apart from the ignition coils which were in the way.

When I read the blog by the guy who supplied the box, he encountered the same problem. But being a shop he simply fitted some stick coils, which he had laying around, to solve the problem.

So yesterday evening was spent trawling the interweb to find out what I needed.

Luckily the ZXR forum came up trumps, followed by a search on The Bay which provided the bits I need. A deal was done and hopefully they will arrive in time for the weekend to be fitted.

Below is a picture of where I'm at with it at the moment.

I know it doesn't look much but this little beauty should add some much needed horse power.

There is still quite a bit to do with a bracket that needs to be made and fitting the new coils.

So this weekend I'm looking forward to suffering the burnt finger tips associated with soldering.

Until next time.



  1. I do hope you run an oily rag around there and have a tidy up young man.

  2. Oh don't worry, will be spick and span by the time it's used.