Thursday 16 January 2014

600 For Sale


As you know I am hoping to race a Supertwin this season so have decided to sell my 600 to finance my new bike.

The bike was is a 2007 model and was bought by me in 2008 and has been raced at about 15 meetings since that time.

It has a standard engine in it as I just wanted to get more track time and have something reliable. Also as I was learning the circuits I didn’t need out and out power, as the circuits are hard enough to learn at standard tune speeds.

It is fully race prepped with all the required lock wiring, toe guard, case protectors etc. It was last scruitineered at Scarborough in September but not actually raced at the meeting, so it stands as it was scruitineered.

As well as the required modifications it runs a keyless ignition system, is fitted with a race loom, power commander and Micron end can and it also has a Sprint steering damper fitted.

I change the oil and filter after every other meeting and, luckily, have never crashed it.

There is some damage to the fairing but this is only through transportation, as it’s never been down the road.

It comes with spare sprockets, both front and rear. Spare wheels with wets and discs fitted. RaceTech tyre warmers, which were bought at the beginning of 2013 and used about 6 times so are in perfect condition.

There is also a spare end can, sprocket carrier, various levers, cables and other spares.

There is no V5 with the bike, however all numbers are present, correct and have been checked at various race meetings.

The bike has been totally reliable and has only needed the tyre pressures checking and the fuel topping up at each meeting.

There are various pictures on the blog but if you would like some more pictures or more information please email me at

Although located in Hampshire I may be able to assist in delivery if required.

Price, £3250.00

Thanks for looking


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