Sunday 20 October 2013

Small Update

Hi all

Well after much research and scouring various web sites I've come to the conclusion that I will be racing a Suzuki SV650 in the Supertwins and Junior Support Classes next year.

So let me introduce you to my steed, oh I did mention I'd bought one didn't I?

Some of you may recognise this as Smurf Racings SV. Noel is moving up to 600's so decided to sell his supertwin to finance the move.

She's a 2006 model with uprated suspension front and rear. A Power Commander sorts the fuelling and an M4 exhaust takes care of getting rid of the gases. This together with some tuning means she's putting out about 84hp, which is plenty for me to be getting on with. There are lots of other modifications so only really a case of giving her a good clean and hopefully a lick of paint.

She also comes with spare wheels and all the sprockets needed for the Irish road circuits which is good to have.

I decided on a Suzuki over a Kawasaki, mainly due to price. I spoke with a tuner, who tunes both SV's and ER's and he said that there is not much to choose from in either. Colin reckons that if you sepnt £5k on building an SV, to build a similar spec ER would cost you £8k, this was apparent when talking to guys with ER's for sale.  To top it all he races an SV and had the second fastest lap at last years Manx Grand prix and came 4th in the race, so he knows what he's talking about.

Over the next few weeks I hope to get some better pictures and have a closer look at her, I've got to collect her yet, so don't hold your breath, but I will post some updates as they happen.

As whenever I buy a bike I start looking on 'The Bay' for any cheap spares. I found a Domino quick action throttle which was cheap and also two clip ons (handle bars) for 99p each, so the spares have started.

Anyway as soon as I can I will post up some more pictures and let you know how I'm getting on.

Hopefully speak soon



  1. Smurf Racing ....... I like it! Is it as popular as Dwarf Throwing ? Steve