Thursday 19 September 2013

Scarborough Report

Well it was a bit of a non event from my point of view.

After an eight and a half hour drive we arrived at our lovely accommodation, thanks Steve, and I was straight to bed due to our late arrival.

We arrived at the circuit and finally found a spot in the paddock. We parked up in the sidecar area as there was no room at the inn in the solo’s area.

Bikes were checked over and it was straight out onto the circuit.

I’ve got used being taken around the circuit in the newcomers bus, where we are shown around by experienced racers, followed by newcomers laps so you can find out where the circuit goes. As I’ve said before, You Tube is ok but it’s only when you get out on the circuit that you really find what it’s like.

But sadly I didn’t have the luxury of the bus or the newcomers laps and it was very much like being thrown in at the deep end.

It didn’t start well as I missed the turning in the paddock for the holding area, so had to turn the bike around and try again.

The organisers split the 600’s into two groups. Being number 87 I was out with odd numbered bikes. This meant that I was out in the group with number 1, a certain Guy Martin.

Naturally he was in the first group whilst I set off near the back. Still it wasn’t long before I got to see him again, as he came underneath me into one of the corners, which then meant the other fast boys would be along soon, sure enough they were.

I like to take it easy on a new circuit as I’ve found that if you scare yourself on a corner it takes quite a while to get my confidence back to attack the corner and there is no use in flying into a corner until you know where you need to be for the next one.

The circuit was very damp in places and this was proven by on my second lap a rider was down at the hairpin.

I also found it difficult as there were no obvious signs of which way the circuit went. Usually you can see tree lines, telegraph poles etc which follow the road.

I did about 4 laps before I pulled in as felt I was just getting in the way and not learning anything.

My pit crew, which included James this weekend, wondered what was wrong. “It’s too dangerous out there” was my comment. Which when you consider where I’ve raced the rest of the year seemed a bit of an odd comment, but I stand by it.

I wasn’t sure about going out on the 400 but Steve asked if there was anything we could change to help, as he could see I wasn’t happy.

Anyway I went out on the 400 and still didn’t feel at all comfortable on it, so once again came in early.

Sadly that was it as far as my racing went as decided I really didn’t fancy it.

I just didn’t click with the circuit and said that if I came off at a circuit I liked then it would be ‘one of those things’, however if I came off at a circuit I didn’t like I’d kick myself.

I did feel bad as people had come a long way to watch and help, but they all said that it was me out there and if I didn’t want to do it there was no need for me to go out. Thanks guys, it meant a lot.

It wasn’t the end to the season I’d hoped for but there you go.

Still on a positive note I did get to walk around the paddock and talk 650’s to various riders, which helped as I have more information to base my supertwin purchase on.

Anyway below is a clip clips of the racing from Scarborough for you to have a look at, don't worry all were safe.

Speak soon


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