Saturday 31 August 2013

Scarborough Confirmed

Hi all

I found out yesterday that my entry for Scarborough on 14th & 15th September has been confirmed, which is great news.

I also had a great time at Manx Grand Prix. Sorry I'm old school and still refer to it as The Manx and not the Classic TT.

Don't get me wrong I think anything that can promote road racing is good but fear that the classic will be a flash in the pan as can't see the excitement lasting over seeing classic bikes, and am sure lots of stars only turned up as this was the first year. I hope I proved wrong but we shall see.

My main concern is that if it doesn't catch on then The Manx will not be run as there is pressure to stop it and that would be a crying shame as without it lots of people will not get to ride the Mountain Course.

Still lets not dwell on that. I went with 7 others and all had a great time and lots marshalled for the first time which they all enjoyed. Hopefully they will marshal again in the future.

Whilst over there I had a keen look at 650 supertwins and found out quite a bit. So has given me food for thought as to what to look out for when I come to buying one.

Anyway I'm off to Killalane next weekend so as a taster here's an on board lap of the circuit.

I really enjoy Killalane, I've been there 3 times now so have an idea of where everything goes, so am really looking forward to seeing how I get on.

As with The Southern I can see if I've made any improvements over last year as I know what my times were like from then, so hopefully, like The Southern, I will be quicker.

Hope you enjoy the on board lap and speak soon



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